Turnaround Time:

Q: What is your turnaround time (TAT)?

A: Turnaround time will vary depending on what is being order and when it is being order. I will keep an updated TAT for tumblers in the announcements. Turnaround time for keychains/earrings will take 5-8 days. Desk toppers and trays can take up to 7-14 days. Turnaround time can vary and change, especially around the holidays. Please note that shipping time is NOT included in the Turnaround time. I ship priority (for tumblers) to help this problem but am unable to control shipping time.



    Q: I received a shipping notification but checked tracking and it has no movement, when will tracking be updated?

    A:I print shipping labels 1-2 day prior to them being shipped. Once the item says it has been accepted at the original Post Office it is out of my hands. There have been instances where tracking never updates but the item is received. Due to certain mail carriers and postal offices choosing not to scan in items, this is out of my control. If you are concerned with your tracking not updating, please email me and reach out.

    Q: What carrier do you ship with?
    A: All of my packages are shipped through USPS. All tumblers sent out will be shipped through 2-3 day priority mail, along with larger packages. If you wanted smaller items (such as earrings or keychains) shipped priority, please select priority option in the shipping section.

    Q: What type of tumblers do you use and how do I take care of mine?

    A: I use all Stainless Steel  HOGG tumblers. Care cards are given inside of every order. To cut down on paper and make it easily accessible, I have started putting care instructions on the bottom of tumblers as well. The tumblers I use are also BPA free.

    The resin I use to seal all tumblers, and make other items is VOC free, highly UV resistant, heat resistant up to 500 degrees, and is FDA complaint. Even though the resin is heat and UV resistant, please refer to included care cards to avoid prolong exposure to heat and UV to keep the integrity of the resin strong. i am not responsible for tumblers that are damaged due to misuse and mishandling on the customers part.

    Q: What are RTS tumblers?

    A: RTS (Ready to Ship) tumblers are completed tumblers that are ready to be packaged and on its way home to you. Ready to ship tumblers CAN be customized for an additional cost. Ready to ship tumblers (without added customization) TAT is 4-7 days. If you would like to customize please email me, and the TAT for a customization is 7-10 days. 

    Q:What lid and straw will I get with my tumbler?

    A: Each RTS listing should state what type of lid it comes with as well as a picture. Some of my lids are screw tops and the others are push ins. You can purchase additional lids if you'd prefer a different one than it comes with. 

    I do my best to provide a free straw into every tumbler package. The straws will range from a clear plastic, to a plastic colored straw. If you would like more than the included straw, you can add more directly from my website.

    Return Policy

    Q: What if I have a problem with my order?

    A:You have within 5 days to contact me after receiving your order with any issues or problems. I do not accept returns on any custom items. Please understand I am human and will make mistakes. If you believe I made a mistake please reach out to me within the 5 day mark so that I may correct it.

    Q: I received my item broken, what do I do?

    A: If you received your item broken please email me with photos and videos as soon as you receive it. I pack all items with care, but as we know postal services aren't always the most gentle with our packages. Email me and we will start the steps of filing a claim through USPS. There is no timeframe for this as it is depending on USPS and how fast the claim is processed.

    Returns/ exchanges will NOT be accepted if you did not use the product properly, because it was destroyed through your mistake (refer to care card). When sending me names or customizations please make sure you triple check your spelling, as that is what I will be referencing. If you misspell a customization, a refund will not be sent.